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Planned Parenthood, the Largest Abortion Store in the World

Is this what is meant by "shop till you drop?"

Boston Sports Humor


You have to be from Boston to think this is funny.

Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, and Tom Brady all died and go to heaven at the same time.

Peyton approaches God and says,
Christ is risen.
God responds, Truly He is risen! Come Peyton and sit to my left.

Tim approaches God and says,
Have mercy on me, O God, for men trample upon me;
all the day they press their attack against me.
God responds, Well done, Tim. Come sit to my right.

Tom Brady approaches God, and before he says anything, God jumps out of his throne and says,
Here you go, Tom. I've been keeping your seat warm for you.


Time for St. Michael the Archangel

President Obama's requirement that abortion, sterilization, and contraception be included in all health plans has been called "unconscionable", by the USCCB. It is time for all believers to start praying to St. Michael the Archangel. Remember he's the one who threw Satan into hell. Obviously, Satan is prowling the earth. It's time to pray.

There are different stories about the origin of this prayer. But like all legends, there are some similarities and somewhere therein likes the truth. These are from Wikipedia.

An article in the Roman journal Ephemerides Liturgicae (V. LXIX, pages 54–60) in 1955 gave an account in Latin and Italian of how the St. Michael prayer developed. Footnote nine of this account quotes an article in another Italian journal called La Settimana del Clero in 1947 by Fr. Domenico Pechenino who worked at the Vatican during the time of Leo XIII, in which he stated:
"I do not remember the exact year. One morning the great Pope Leo XIII …

God will demand an Accounting

This is long. It is the entire Talk that Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. gave at the
Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life, Jan. 22, 2012 Washington, D.C. But it is Most Excellent!!!!! I just couldn't restate it because every sentence has meaning. Please read; it's well worth it.

The great French Jesuit Henri de Lubac once wrote, “Suffering is the thread from which the stuff of joy is woven. Never will the optimist know joy.”i Those seem like strange words, especially for Americans. We Americans take progress as an article of faith. And faith in progress demands a spirit of optimism.
But Father De Lubac knew that optimism and hope are very different creatures. In real life, bad things happen. Progress is not assured, and things that claim to be “progress” can sometimes be wicked and murderous instead. We can slip backward as a nation just as easily as we can advance. This is why optimism – and all the political slogans that go with it – are so often …

Pray for Your Bishop

Satan hates Bishops. If we're tempted by the Evil One, just imagine how much more Satan works on Bishops. It would be quite a feather in his cap to get a Bishop. They certainly need all our prayers to support them.

There's an online initiative to pray a Rosary, a day for Bishops. My prayer group always prays for our Bishop, Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley. He came into an impossible job and has admitted in interviews that he had asked God to "take the cup away." He does need all our prayers.

Definitely!!! I put in Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Emilio S. Allué, who is the Bishop of my vicariate, and he has nobody praying for him. God forbid!!!!! I'll correct that right this second.

Cardinal Sean Patrick, only has 19 people prayer. Well! Now he has 20. And wait till I spread the word.

C'mon! Join the Rosary for your Bishop campaign.

Define Social Justice

There are different definitions of social justice. Take criminal justice, for instance. The criminal justice system executes the laws and punishes those who violate them. This is one kind of justice, but is not complete, for it does not evaluate whether or not those laws are in fact ethical, and does not interest itself with whether structures outside of the law are ethical. Of course I'm looking at this through Catholic lenses. I know that the only true justice will be in the after life, but I propose that any definition of social justice include:

1. Life from birth to death must be preserved because humans are made in the image of God.
2. We must take care of each other--all humans.
3. Resources are given for everyone to use.

The implementation of these three principles is what we have to figure out.
Since I didn't have the opportunity to make the Pro-Life March in Washington DC, this year, I've been praying. As my "cloistered brother," would say, It's 'unbelievable' that over 200,000 people are walking en masse, down Pennsylvania Avenue, and the major news outlets don't pay it any attention.


Pope Speaks on Christian Unity

Wednesday, January 18th marked the beginning of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, a worldwide fellowship of over 300 Churches that try to find a common witness. This year's theme is "We will all be changed by the victory of Our Lord Jesus Christ." A prayer for unity:

Eternal Father,
we praise you for sending your Son
to be one of us and to save us.
Look upon your people with mercy,
for we are divided in so many ways,
and give us the Spirit of Jesus to make us one in love.

We ask this gift, loving Father,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


A Time for Everything

Finally, I'm putting away the last of my Christmas stuff. Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 tells us that there's a time for everything. I'm not sad that I have to put away the Christmas decorations, especially when I vacuumed and could smell the pine from the Christmas tree.

Last week we threw the tree out and I vacuumed. Mmmmmmm, the smell of those pine needles is still in the vacuum. I enjoyed the memories with that smell.

There is a time for everything. Time goes on. I am reminded of Old Testament leading to New Testament. makes the cleaning pass more quickly, if you meditate. At least, it feels like you're not wasting prayer time.

I had to laugh at our creche. My granddaughter was obviously visiting the baby Jesus--along with a snowman, Raggedy Ann, a teddy bear, etc..

Geesh! I guess the overflow from the inn, moved to the stable.

I'll Fly Away

Rhythm and Blues Legend, Etta James died Friday at age 73. Here she sings one of my "cloistered brothers'" favorite songs. She's good. But they sing I'll Fly Away, better.

Singing Blues comes from the heart.

Government Mandating Contraception Coverage

Archbishop Timothy Dolan on HHS Conscience Regulation from Rocco Palmo on Vimeo.

This is important. If you don't believe in abortion, then you don't want to pay for someone to have one, right? Make sense. Even if you do believe abortion is "OK", why would you want to pay for someone else"s.

This is exactly what is being proposed. Today the president proposed that sterilization, abortifacients and contraception be included in virtually all health plans. There will be no conscience protection. Everyone is forced to pay.

Is this the United States of America? What happened to the First Amendment, where freedom of religion is protected? No government should come between an individual person and God — that's what America is supposed to be about.

In Memoriam

A very dear "cloistered brother," Brother Louis de Montfort, O.P., died last night. One of his often used expressions was "unbelievable!" He said it with the first syllable pronounced and long. UUUUNNNNNbelievable!!!

For sure, he's saying UUUUNNNNNbelievable!!! right now.

I wrote this Sestina to explain who he was. A sestina (Occitan: [sesˈtinɔ]; Catalan: sextina, IPA: [sə(k)sˈtinə] or [se(k)sˈtina]; also known as sestine, sextine or sextain) is a structured 39 line poem consisting of six six-line stanzas followed by an envoi of three lines. The words that end each line of the first stanzas are used as line endings in each of the following stanzas, rotated in a set pattern. It is a 12th century Provençal form still popular today. from Wikipedia

Running Sestina

Working for the mob, he once was a scoundrel,
a runner, traveling from here to there,
Providence to Boston. Scrapes with the law
were frerquent and numerous. He'd escape
somehow to run aga…

New Book

Wait till I tell the Argonauts (my book club) about The Father's Tale. I ordered this book by Michael O'Brien on a whim. I knew nothing about him, or his books. I happened to see a full page add of the book in Catholic Digest and ordered it. It's 1075 pages!

He's written quite a few novels, and I have read Father Elijah. I remember liking that novel and thinking that it was thought provoking. I can't wait to read The Father's Tale. I'll tell you about it, as I progress.

Atta a Priest

Think of encouraging a priest as a gift of the Holy Spirit. I learned this on the Encourage Priest Site. This is a good idea. I often feel sorry for our overworked, lonely, and unappreciated priests. I'll look at a Rectory at night, and see one little lone light in a window. One priest, all alone in the rectory, looks so sad. Sometimes, I wonder how the priest feels at family celebrations of the sacraments. Is he afraid to enjoy himself, damned if he does; damned if he doesn't?

I do appreciate their service. I'm humbled by their humility, at services, out in public. I see the image of Christ in them. They need our prayers, and a pat on the back, "Atta boy, Father."

Penultimate Values

I tell you, brothers and sisters, the time is running out.

From now on, let those having wives act as not having them,
those weeping as not weeping,
those rejoicing as not rejoicing,
those buying as not owning,
those using the world as not using it fully.
For the world in its present form is passing away.

The above is the Second Reading this Sunday, for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. 1 Corinthians 7: 29-31. It's short, but for a drama queen, like myself, it's a bonanza. I can't wait to proclaim this. It's such a short reading that I'll probably have it memorized, so I can deliver it with piercing eye to eye contact.

I'll have them squirming in their seats. Next, they'll stop and think what it means.


Another Married Saint

I am awed and humbled by martyrs. I whiffle between praying "O God, don't ever let that happen to me;" to "You'd better give me a lot of grace to do THAT;" to "I trust in You;" to "Whatever is Your will, My Love."

Good Lord! What a weak, miserable creature I am!

I'm nothing like Blessed Paul Nishihori and his wife Magdalene Shikibu. They were Christians in Japan in the seventeenth century: Paul and Magdalene. Paul was a Samurai warrior. During Advent of 1628, The Japanese government commanded that all Catholics be put to death. Samurai officers were noble, courageous, and honorable men. Paul could not deny Christ. Being an honorable man, Paul went to the governor and turned in his sword and other accouterments of his position. Magdalene's family was able to obtain a pardon for her, but not Paul. Everyone was impressed by the manner in which Paul had handled his fate. The governor, to whom, he turned in his Samurai swor…

Eating Mindfully

My group, T.O.P.S. is working on eating Mindfully. Last week, we tried dropping a hundred calories, daily. I had planned on doing this by making 3 small changes to my life style. I didn't do so well.

My three changes were (1) drink more water (2) make half my plate vegetables and fruit (3) more exercise.

I sometimes did # 1. I did do # 2 faithfully. I never did # 3.

My weight remained the same.

At least I didn't gain!

This week, I'm going to eat with my left hand. I'm right handed. Eating with your opposite hand will make you eat slower and give you time to think about what you're eating. Using the opposite hand will also give that part of brain muscle some exercise.

And there # 3--MORE EXERCISE! (See I am smarter than the average bear.)

Br. Tonto and Food

Prior: Brother Tonto, I noticed that you didn't pray before dinner.
Br. Tonto: Didn't have to. Brother Jehoshaphat did the cooking.

Psalm 46:10 and 1 Sam. 3:3b-10

Be Still from Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters on Vimeo.The discussion with my "cloistered brothers" tonight focused on Psalm 46:10. Be still and know that I am God.

All I could think of was this coming Sunday's, Reading: 1Sam. 3:3b-10--the very Reading I've been practicing. The very Reading I've been thinking about. It's just too coincidental, not to be

As soon as we read that Psalm verse, I was bursting to tell MY connection. But I held off to defer to my brothers. Most of their quiet times involved resting. It was either in bed, at night, or early morning before everyone else was up. Some found it easy to do, anytime--just tune out.

Near the end, I told them about Sunday's Reading. Now they're all ready for it.

Go Talk to God

In preparing to read the Readings for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, 1Samuel 3:3b-10, I wished I were as clever as Eli. I know the meaning of the story is listening to God. God speaks to us and we need to get use to His voice.

But I was remembering when my young children would wake me up early in the morning. They'd come in and manually lift an eyelid, and ask "Are you asleep?"

Like Eli I said, "It's too early; go back to bed."

And like Samuel, the kids would keep coming back.

Eventually, I'd end up getting out of bed and the day began.

Why didn't I think of telling them to go back to bed and pray? Go talk to God. Listen.

Four Epiphanies

I had an epiphany on epiphany. Epiphany meaning a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience. From the online dictionary.

During Chapter, we prayed Evening Prayer II for Epiphany. The Antiphon for the Canticle of Mary says Three mysteries mark this holy day: today the star leads the Magi to the infant Christ; today water is changed into wine for the wedding feast; today Christ will to be baptized by John in the river Jordan to bring us salvation.

There was the answer to my question, at the end of yesterday's post. But what has it to do with Epiphany?

Depending on...what calendar you use, Orthodox or not,diocese...the feast of Epiphany may celebrate the Magi giving gifts to Jesus, The Wedding Feast of Cana, or Jesus' baptism. The diving for the cross identifies with Jesus being baptized. Actually, they all have to do with Jesus starting a …

Epiphany Blessings for a Year

The Feast of Epiphany is celebrated around the world. Look at this site for different celebrations. I like the look of rapt devotion on slide # 2.

There were so many celebrations that involved water, that I googled Epiphany celebrations in water. And that's where I found this You Tube Video. Looks like fun. But what has it to do with Epiphany?

It's Not About What You've Done

I've been thinking about my morning's post, Another Pere Lataste Sermon. You can tell it's been translated from the French--too many "the". But the theme is pure Lataste. This sermon exemplifies his spirituality. It's about living in the moment. You can't fix the past. It's done. Yes, it has formed you and made you what you are. Understand that, and move on. Accept it and use it, but don't let it define you.

If you have a bad jacket, hang it up. It's there in your closet, but you've outgrown it. Don't worry about it. Didn't Jesus say, "..there will be joy in heaven over one sinner who repents, more than over ninety-nine just who have no need of repentance." Luke 15: 7?

You can't undo the past. And there's nothing you can do about the future. So why worry about something that may never happen? My very first spiritual director assigned me Flannery O'Connor's The Art of Being," to read. …

Another Lataste Sermon

Thanks to Sister Pia Elizabeth, O.P., here is another of Pere Lataste's sermons translated.


Preaching by Fr. Lataste to prisoners of Cadillac, during the retreat he preached in 1864 is radically different of what the clerics used to do then in jails. Instead of insisting on the guilt and the crimes of those women, the preacher calls them to love God in their actual situation, just like sisters living in silence, work and enclosure.

Mary Magdalen (5) uses to express her repentance and her love to Christ, the very ways she used to sin and offer to poor creatures her criminal passions: her perfumes, her kisses, her hair (6)…She uses them to serve the Saviour; and she purifies her sultry ways in this sacred relation. That is the way to act. Nothing good comes from other than God and He gave us all that allows us to love Him. Men often make evil with these graces coming from God; yourselves were blessed maybe with those graces…


Failure is a matter of perspective. The best attitude to have about it is that it's part of the equation for success. Babe Ruth is called the King of Swat because of all the home runs he hit. But he was also called the Strike Out King because he had to swing a lot to hit all those home runs. So, people who take a lot of chances are bound to have a lot of failures, and not everyone will succeed.

So what? Look at failure as part of the learning process. People who have never failed have never pushed themselves. One could consider people who have never failed, cowards.

The worst part of failure is not the fact that you didn't cut it. It's what others think. It's telling your family that you're fired. It's never passing the law exam after all those years in school--not to mention money. Not being able to sell your book after devoting two years of your life to writing it. One could tell themselves that it just wasn't in the cards. It wasn't…

Epiphany Blessing of Home

I stole this post from Father Austin. It's OK. He has a purple stole.

It's an old custom to bless homes on Epiphany which is celebrated this coming Sunday, January 8, 2012.

Some parishes provide blessed chalk for marking the front door as part of this house blessing, but if not, you may certainly bring chalk to Mass and ask Father to bless it.

The Blessing of a House on the Feast of the Epiphany

All gather at the front door and one person is chosen as the Leader of prayer.

In the name of the Father
and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.

Peace be with this house and with all who live here.
Blessed be the name of the Lord, now and forever.

During these days of the Christmas season,
we keep this feast of Epiphany,
celebrating the manifestation of Christ to the Magi.

Today Christ is revealed to us
and his presence makes our home a holy place.
The lintel above the door is marked. If a number of people are present, individuals might be invited to mark the seve…

Bls. Luigi Beltrame Quattrocchi and Maria Corsini

Here's another pair of saintly spouses. They both are holy people. The Prefect of the Congregation promoting their sainthood said that it was impossible to beatify them separately, since one could not separate their holiness, which they lived so intimately. They are models for all married couples.

They met as teens and married in their twenties. He was Catholic but not noticeable devout. And I haven't read anything about Maria's spirituality. But I bet she was the heart of the family. It seems that once they married they took their religion seriously and participated in many devotions. I've seen this before. Many couples decide that they've grown up, now. They've matured; it's time to be responsible. This results in taking their responsibilities seriously. Included in the term "responsibilities", is religion, especially bringing children up in the faith. What could be more important than saving your children's souls?

During Maria&…

Theodoret's Torments

Yesterday, I was so repulsed by Count Julian's inhumane treatment of Theodoret, that I still can't get it out of my mind. I decided to enumerate the tortures. I made a list. And guess what. The enumerated list of tortures carried a momentum--a horrific register of one abomination after another. I just had to close my eyes and appeal to God.

In many psalms, there are lists. (Psalm 36: 5-6, Psalm 56:5-6, Psalm 83: 13-15) As I enumerated Theodoret's torments I felt like an Old Testament psalmist. Hunt down Theodoret's enemy. Stop his torturers. Send down a bolt of lightning. Turn Julian's vile outrage upon himself.

My Lectio Devina turned into a Psalm.

Theodoret's Torments

My God, I offer up my torments:
my raw, bloody and crippled feet,
my bruised and spittle-flecked face,
my stretched and broken joints,
my poor, humiliated, spirit,
my blood leaking wounds,
my charred, dripping flesh,
my simple, sinful, soul.

Destroy my oppressor…

St. Theodoret

Two years ago, I was given the Archangel Raphael as a patron. I have never felt so close to someone whom I barely knew existed. I read the story of Tobit and was attracted to Raphael. For a year, he was a wonderful intercessor.

Last year, I was given St. Nicholas. Well, a few days later I went to a museum, which just happened to have a special exhibit of icons of St. Nicholas. I didn't know this. I was shocked at the coincidence. And then my friend, Tricia, bought me a little icon of St. Nicholas. you know, St. Nicholas loves to surprise people. What a blessed year I've had!
Deo Gratias.

This year, I've been given St. Theodoret.

Who? Yeah, that was my reaction. He's a wonderful saint. He's a church father, writer, apologist, and martyr. I loved how he defended the faith against the Monophysites, who denied the divinity of Christ. St. Dominic would have identified with St. Theodoret. They both fought heresies. They both defended the Fai…

The Fourth Magi

I was reading in Magnificat, about "The iconographic
evolution of the Magi, (January 2012, Vol. 13, No. 11, page 432)." It is interesting how the story grew over time. The story from Matthew (2: 1-12) tells of "wise men" coming from the east. By the fourth century, art depicts a differentiation in ages of the Magi. Tertullian refers to them as kings. In the eleventh century they are given names and are thought to represent the three continents that were known, at that time: Melchior from Europe, Balthasar from Asia, and Caspar of Africa. Then in the fifteenth century, the Portuguese and Spanish try to add an American Indian king, but the idea doesn't catch on.

I protest! I want a native American included.

If Bishop Anthony Fisher, OP can put a kangaroo in the nativity, and my granddaughter can put in, Elmo, then the least people can do is be politically correct, and add a native American for the Americas, the kangaroo for Australia, and a penquin for An…