My Holy Card

What were your first thoughts when you first saw the holy card of St. Lucy?  I'm talking about the one of her holding her eyes on a dish.  That's what she was known for?  She was tortured for being Christian, by taking her eyes out.  Her name means "light" and your eyes help you see the light.  Does knowing the story, make the picture more understandable?

Thinking about St. Lucy's holy card, I thought of other holy cards that have "attributes."  That's how you know who the saint is.  St. Peter has keys.  St. Dominic has a dog with a torch.

What should I have?  I am a saint in the making, you know.

                                                                                           I'd like this one.

But Mick, one of my cloistered brothers, did a caricature of me.  So maybe it should be this.


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