Presentation of Mary

This day is special to me because I went to Presentation of Mary Academy for high school.  Today is the Feast of the Presentation of Mary. For four years of high school the title of this feast day was before my eyes: on my clothes, note books, classrooms, and finally my diploma.   This feast commemorates the time when Mary was presented to the temple and consecrated to God.  So it was only natural that Mary is a close friend of mine.  And of course, it's very natural that I pass this association on to my granddaughter, aka Rosary Girl.  Since she's only two, her Hail Mary's aren't the prayer that we would recognize.  But it's still prayer.  This is Rosary Girl's prayer.

Hail Mary!
Holy Mother!  Listen!
She claps her hands together.

Hail Mary!
You stay.  No cry!  Stop!
Two year old vocabulary.

Hail Mary!
No.  Sorry.  Thank you.
What else, my child?

Hail Mary!
I love you.  I love you most!

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