OP Democracy

I was out of the running.  By that I mean, that I wasn't eligible to be voted in office.  Terms of office are for three years.  And one can only serve two terms.  I've done that, so I wasn't eligible to be voted in again.

One term I was Secretary; this last term I was Formation Director.  Dominicans elect people to the Council.  Then the council gets together and decide who should be in what position: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Formation Director.  Other chapters have more councillors, but this is all my chapter has.

In the Dominican tradition of elections, electors must be present to vote, candidates must be present, also.  There are no prior nominations and no one can refuse eligibility prior to being elected.  That's because we invoke the Holy Spirit before the election and He's choosing.  Voting is by secret ballot.

One last peccadillo that is peculiar to the Dominican Family.  One should not vote for oneself.  I guess it's humility, but to me, it shows a lack of confidence in one's abilities.    

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