Left Behind

John basking in the sun.
Noon Hill is part of the Shattuck Reservation, in Medfield, MA.  It's a link in the Bay Circuit Trail that surrounds the west area of Boston.  This is where the cross country hiking group went, today.  It was a good couple of hours walk.

We saw wetlands, trees, vernal pools, ravines, odd boulders and rocky ledges. But what turned out to be the excitement of the day, was that we almost lost John.

We were about half way through our hike, when we encountered a couple with a few cute dogs.  John stopped to take their pictures.  The last time we saw him, he was talking to them.

About 20 minutes later, we noticed that he was missing from the group.  We called.  No answer.  We whistled.  No response.  So Kevin went back to look.

After ten minutes, we realized that wasn't such a smart move.  Both John and Kevin are our drivers.

Fortunately, they came back.  John was missing for half an hour.  He said he took the wrong fork in the trail, realized it, and had to back track.

I thought he looked frightened.  However, it soon became apparent that he wasn't.  He fell behind taking pictures, and he stopped to make a "pit" stop.  He didn't tell us either time.  Luckily, we keep a close eye on him, now.

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