How to celebrate My Year

In reading My Catholic Standard, I came across Father William Byrne's five suggestions to celebrate the Year of Faith:

1.  Remember your Baptism
2.  Learn about your Faith
3.  Pray
4.  Serve
5.  Share

These made me think of what I would do and suggest to others.  Surprisingly, I only have ONE recommendation.  Think

Yes, think about your Faith, this year.  I think if you're thinking about your faith, that incorporates Father Byrne's suggestions and anybody else's.  You will be mindfully engaged in everything you do--thinking about Faith.

Eating--start saying Grace
Sleeping--examination of conscience before
Working--start the day by praying
All day--praying for every single person you encouter
Reading--learn about your faith
Watching TV--only watch programs making good use of your time
Worshipping--attend Mass as often as you can (daily)


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