Forget Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

If you are human, you have had to encounter a bad day.  Sometimes, through no fault of your own, bad things happen.  Blame God?  You can if you want; He's a big boy.  But I'd really blame Adam and Eve, for sentencing us to this earthly life.  However, that's off topic.

I'm writing about when you're laid off from work, due to budget cuts.  Or even, if you're fired for incompetence--especially then.  The best thing to do is to forget about turning lemons into lemonade. Follow my advice and not even try to turn around a bad occurrence.  Your goal should be to survive it.  Minimize the emotional damage and don't make any decisions, and don't go do anything.  Your decision making ability won't be reliable.  Take a break, forget about it, escape.  Try.
You see this picture of me at a banquet.  Note my color coordinated attire.  My scarf matches my top. Even my finger nail polish matched.  I was really "put together."  I thought I looked nice.

Then, we were served this sausage.  It took less than half a second, for a voluminous splat of grease to shoot out and stab me dead center of my chest, when my fork pierced it.

That's why my scarf is placed where it is.

I tried drying it off.  That didn't work.  I tried washing it off with water.  That was worse!  It created a huge wet circle surrounding the original offensive grease splat.

There was no way I could turn this around.  I knew full well that the second I moved, turned, got up, the scarf would expose that grease blotch.

Whose fault?  God? Me? Sausage?  What difference did it make?  The best thing to do was forget about the grease spot.  It was what it was.  I couldn't hide it.

I survived it.  I got over it.  

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