End of Summer

This is a picture of some of the plants I transplanted today.  It’s also a visual meditation.  This is a time for me to take stock of myself.  What do I need to cut back on—not only material things, but the spiritual demands that sometimes are overwhelming.  (Do I really need to do something for the parish every day?  Can’t a day go by where I don’t have to prayer group, scripture study, right to life group, parish council, Rosary, Sodality, etc.)  This is a good time to do this--the end of summer, before it gets too cold.  Spiritually, I’m beginning to think of Advent. 

I had to step back and look at these plants.  Some are as old as my children.  I split one of them and I’m afraid that it will cause it to croak.  If I double what I do for people, for the church, for family—will I croak?

Now that I’m finished transplanting, I have to decide where to put them.  They were outside, all summer.  Likewise, once I’ve decided what to keep in my life, how can I use what I’ve kept, to my best advantage. 

I’ve also resolved to take better care of these plants. 

Me, too.

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