What's the Trinity?

La Trinite, sculpture Joseph Pyrz
Last night, a book club member asked me a question that shocked me.  Not surprised, but shocked me.  I was showing the book club, my pictures from Besancon, France.  When a picture of this sculpture of the Trinity, by Joseph Pyrz, came up, she asked me in a voice only I could hear, "What's the trinity?"

I couldn't answer appropriately.  In fact, how could I explain it. But I was addressing the group and couldn't take the time that was needed.  All she wanted was a quick response.  And she tried to answer it herself, since I was busy lifting my jaw up off the floor.

"Is it Jesus and Mary and ....and...and..."

Finally, I said, "No, no, it's the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."  And I continued on with my explanation of the pictures I was distributing.

I should have explained that these three persons are separate but unified, co-equal, co-eternal, and consubstantial, IOW, one being.  One God in three persons.  Each of the three is God yet separate.  Look at the sculpture.  It's one sculpture.  Maybe an egg would have helped, i.e., yolk, albumen, and shell.  It's not a perfect explanation, but what is?

I guess I " shoulda, coulda," done any number of things, but I failed again.

How could anyone not know about the Trinity?  Ok, so she's Jewish, but hasn't she ever heard of the term, before?

Guess not.  I'm the dumb one for not realizing how hard to understand the Trinity is.  Being born Catholic is growing up with the Trinity.  From a child's understanding of faith, to an adult's concept of the Trinity, was just a maturation process.

  I needed to be reminded that not everyone is so blessed.

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