Inspiration Workshop

My T.O.P.S. chapter hosted an Inspiration Workshop.  Take Off Pounds Sensibly is an international organization dedicated to health, nutrition, and support.  It's not a diet club because we don't sell food, or gimmicks, or recommend specific diets.  We preach healthy habits.  Most people have to change their lifestyles to be what they want to be. Although the title is Take Off Pounds Sensibly, I used it to gain weight, because its about healthy habits.  Now I stay for the support to stay within a healthy weight range.

Today's Inspiration Workshop was a lot of fun.  The theme was back to school.  We had plenty of apples for the teacher and everyone else.  Those are "affirmations" on the stems.

Here was our schedule for the day.  I liked the cooking glass because I learned a new apple muffin recipe that was easy and nutritious.  The singing and exercise was fun, too.

Dianne Therieau was our guest speaker.  She's from my chapter.  We're quite proud of her.  She's a nutritionist.  We always use her as a resource in chapter, but today we got to show her off.  Everyone was educated about nutrition and asked lots of questions.  She did an excellent job.

In keeping with our theme, we all brought our own lunches, some in lunch boxes.  We had recess, and even pledged allegiance to the flag.

I think everyone was inspired by this workshop.

Everyone left smiling, and talking about what a good workshop this was.  That's my criteria for a successful event.  Look at our pictures to see more.

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