First Feast Day for the Apostle of Prisons

September 5, has been designated as the day to celebrate the Memorial of Pere Marie Jean-Joseph Lataste, O.P.  He is the Apostle of Prisons, beatified June 3, 2012.  It is from him that I learned that the past doesn't define a person.  I learned more than that:

He, himself was the first one to be converted.

Lataste preached the Gospel for the salvation of souls, even in the face of doubts and difficulties regarding the possibilities of success in his work.

The greatest sinners can become the greatest saints.

I have seen marvels.

Grace transforms us.

You whom humanity despises, you are God's beloved.

Lataste sought to transform the spiritual lives of the imprisoned and to enlighten the social conscience of his contemporaries.

God is the Being of the present.

My dear sisters...

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