Lackadaisical Spirituality

Franklin T.O.P.S. 463
This afternoon I was happy to have maintained my weight.  You see, I kinda/sorta blew it this week.  I was not eating mindfully.  I ate things I shouldn't have over the weekend, and said, "Oh to hell with it!"  Then ate whatever was in sight, for the rest of the week. (Hmmmm, yesterday I posted about cookies...see the pattern?) 

But at "weigh in" today, I turtled.  I remained the same weight as last week.  Go figure?

Not being as bad as I thought I was, I feel very encouraged.  I will be good this week.  I'm resolved!  It's suppose to be a good weekend, so I'm going to take my granddaughter for a walk.  We'll go swimming.  I need to vacuum; every room needs to be cleaned.  So I know I'll be more active than usual.  And if I watch what food I put in my mouth, I should lose.  I bet I do.

Staying upbeat and resolved is also a problem, spiritually.  (I bet you were wondering how I was going to tie in spirituality.)  In fact, the same problems people have with their weight, often mirrors their spiritual weight.  Not making progress, losing, gaining, yo-yo-yoing, giving up, starting over, are spiritual problems.  We can get lazy, like I did, and say, "Oh to hell with it!"  Then God blesses us in that special way that fits each of us, and we resolve to re-establish and fortify our relationship with Him.  

Of course, the resolve yo-yo-yoes--come and goes, but we can't give up.  Our health depends on it.  

Actually, this is another reason I'm glad I'm Catholic.  The past is absolved in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Imagine being reconciled with God!) and one begins again.  Just like my plans for the weekend.  

Not only will my halo shine brightly; it will fit!

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