Pentecost Cures Fat Faces

Contemplating Pentecost had me searching what Thomas Aquinas wrote.  He used images that my frame of references honed in on:

 The prophet says: “His face is covered with fatness” (Job 15:27),

Naturally, I looked up that verse.  It gets worse.  The rest of that sentence is:

and his thighs too heavy with flesh.

It's no wonder AQ quoted that verse.  We both have a weight problem.

I know...I know he wasn't talking about body fat, but rather mind fat, or lazy thinking.  But he and I know that it's the same principles.  In order to get rid of the fatness we have to change our lives.  That's the entire theory behind T.O.P.S.  

You have to change the way you do things.  Your life has to change.  Make good choices whether it's food or moral behavior, and you'll be healthy--both body and soul.

I propose that St. Thomas Aquinas become the patron saint of T.O.P.S.  

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