Old Ladies and the Rosary

Did you read Zenit today?  Cardinal Schonborn was interviewed.  He is often in the news, both as a confident of the Pope, and as a much beleaguered prelate with many dissident priests.  He is as solid a traditionalist as the catechism he edited.  Yet he is a believer and supporter of Medjugorje.  He is very, and maybe too pastoral, in that he hasn't disciplined any of the dissident priests who want women priests, and to get married, besides other things.  He may be Pope some day.

But now he has another accolade to add to his list.  He is now in my heart because he said, " And whoever scorns the old ladies who pray (the Rosary)  has understood nothing of the Gospel."

Ah, words to warm the cockles of this simple old lady's heart, while she fingers her beads while praying the Rosary.

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