Where the Jobs Are

Unemployed? Go to North Dakota

The oil industry has opened up the job market in North Dakota. The area known as Williston Basin in North Dakota, is the biggest oil find in North America. These high-paying oil jobs cause local economy to boom, too. Housing has to be built, so construction workers are in demand. Stores, restaurants, hotels, schools and their personnel, hospital workers--are all in demand. AND, Senior Citizens are wanted. Men and women age 50+ account for over a quarter of workers in the Williston area.

I'm reading this information in AARP. They list these places to look for employment:

williston.k12.nd.us--Check job openings listed under "district" button.

willistonherald.com--Find news and classified ads for the Williston area.

jobsnd.com (701-328-2825)--Job Service North Dakota site has instructions for searching by industry or qualifications.

willistondevelopment.com--Follow the "resources" link to a detailed Relocation Guide to Williston area.

mercy-williston.org--Follow "employment" link for Mercy Medical Center jobs.


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