Yes, I've been too busy to post this week, and this is why. I was going to work, rushing to daily Mass (It's Lent, after all.), rush to exercise class, then going to French class, trying to meet two deadlines, pack and get ready for SRD, plan the next T.O.P.S. meeting. Whew! Now, SRD, is over. I met the two deadlines. And I can breathe easily.

What's SRD? State Recognition Days is a weekend of honoring the best losers in T.O.P.S. Six from my Chapter went. Here's the picture. It was a wonderful time. I'm inspired to get back to losing. I met the most wonderful lady sitting next to me at dinner. She has been a K.O.P.S. for twenty-three years! A K.O.P.S. is someone who has Kept Off Pounds. Twenty-three years!!!! That means she never went over three pounds of her goal weight, nor dropped down more than seven.

Do you think I'll ever be a K.O.P.S.?


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