Feast Day of Father Lataste

Today is the day of Père Marie Jean-Joseph Lataste, OP death. This is when we usually celebrate a death--their entry into eternal life. And so it is, today, March 10th, that we honor Père Lataste. Père Lataste is known for his respect, mercy, love, and forgiveness for prisoners. Hence,he is known as the Apostle of Prisons.

He also founded the Dominican Sisters of Bethany, and many other fraternities that minister to prisoners and ex-prisoners, and other groups, who follow his spirituality.

Speaking of the Bethany communities, if there are any former Brothers of Bethany out there, please contact me, or Luigi: profesorluigi@gmail.com
We're looking to reunite.

For more information on Père Marie Jean-Joseph Lataste, please visit this site. This is another site that was just set up.

Former Bethany Brothers, look here.


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