Theodoret's Torments

Yesterday, I was so repulsed by Count Julian's inhumane treatment of Theodoret, that I still can't get it out of my mind. I decided to enumerate the tortures. I made a list. And guess what. The enumerated list of tortures carried a momentum--a horrific register of one abomination after another. I just had to close my eyes and appeal to God.

In many psalms, there are lists. (Psalm 36: 5-6, Psalm 56:5-6, Psalm 83: 13-15) As I enumerated Theodoret's torments I felt like an Old Testament psalmist. Hunt down Theodoret's enemy. Stop his torturers. Send down a bolt of lightning. Turn Julian's vile outrage upon himself.

My Lectio Devina turned into a Psalm.

Theodoret's Torments

My God, I offer up my torments:
my raw, bloody and crippled feet,
my bruised and spittle-flecked face,
my stretched and broken joints,
my poor, humiliated, spirit,
my blood leaking wounds,
my charred, dripping flesh,
my simple, sinful, soul.

Destroy my oppressor, Julian,
terrify him with Your might.


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