New Book

Wait till I tell the Argonauts (my book club) about The Father's Tale. I ordered this book by Michael O'Brien on a whim. I knew nothing about him, or his books. I happened to see a full page add of the book in Catholic Digest and ordered it. It's 1075 pages!

He's written quite a few novels, and I have read Father Elijah. I remember liking that novel and thinking that it was thought provoking. I can't wait to read The Father's Tale. I'll tell you about it, as I progress.


Anonymous said…
I just finished Island of the World and could not put it down (800+ pages)! It's the fictional story of Josip Lasta's own passion during the post World War II years until the present in Croatia. Michael O'Brien spoke last fall at our parish and was excellent. He is a Catholic writer worth reading!

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