The Fourth Magi

I was reading in Magnificat, about "The iconographic

evolution of the Magi, (January 2012, Vol. 13, No. 11, page 432)." It is interesting how the story grew over time. The story from Matthew (2: 1-12) tells of "wise men" coming from the east. By the fourth century, art depicts a differentiation in ages of the Magi. Tertullian refers to them as kings. In the eleventh century they are given names and are thought to represent the three continents that were known, at that time: Melchior from Europe, Balthasar from Asia, and Caspar of Africa. Then in the fifteenth century, the Portuguese and Spanish try to add an American Indian king, but the idea doesn't catch on.

I protest! I want a native American included.

If Bishop Anthony Fisher, OP can put a kangaroo in the nativity, and my granddaughter can put in, Elmo, then the least people can do is be politically correct, and add a native American for the Americas, the kangaroo for Australia, and a penquin for Antarctica.

Even the Catalonians put in the caganer, for gosh sakes!


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