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Support Massachusetts National Guard 1/182nd Infantry Unit

My friend, Ken is currently deployed in Afghanistan.  There aren't any PXs there, so he and the other troops need to rely on care packages.  If you would like to help out here is a list.  If you're wondering what the Silly String is for, it's to help to detect trip wires.

DRINKS:  Sweetened instant Kool-Aid, Lemonade, Tang, Tea, Coffee, Powdered Gatorade, Hot Chocolate, and Powdered Crystal Light.

SNACKS:  Anything Little Debbie, Applesauce Cups, Bean Dips, Beef Jerky, Beef Sausage Logs, Bowl Appetite Dinners, Breakfast Bars, Bubble Gum, Jello-O and Pudding Cups, Licorice, Lifesavers, Microwave Popcorn, Mints, Oreos, Pasta Anytime Dinners, Peanut Butter,  Pop Tarts, Powdered Milk, Pretzels, Pumpkin Seeds, Raisin, Ready to Eat Soups, Saltines, Sardines, Slim Jims, Canned Salmon, Cereal, Cheese Dips, Chips, Salsa, Pre-packaged Cookies, Crackers, Cup O'Noodles, Dinty Moore Meals, Mac n' Cheese packages, Tuna pouches, Dried Fruit, Sun Flower Seeds, Fruit Cups, Velveeta, …

Vote Them Out

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I've been reading about New York passing the same sex marriage bill.   What really bothers me is the process.  I'm not against gay people.  All people have dignity.  I don't agree with same sex marriage, but that's not what disturbs me about the states that are passing same sex marriage.

What disturbs me is that it's not the will of the people.

That's one big, fat reason, to oppose the same sex marriage bill.  Others could be Genesis 2: 24, and the Catechism Article 7, 1604.  But I don't have to quote anything religious.  It's just not right for state legislatures to oppose the will of their constituents and vote on redefining traditional  marriage.  Marriage!  The backbone of civilization!  The state is changing society.  It is trying to redefine traditional families.  How do you define social engineering?

Why don't politicians put the question of same-sex marriage on the ballot?  It's not put to the people because same-sex …

It's Official

It's announced in Zenit.  My hero, my favorite friar, priest, spiritual guru...Pere Marie Jean-Joseph Lataste, O.P. will be proclaimed "Blessed."

15 Advance Toward Beatification or CanonizationVATICAN CITY, JUNE 28, 2011 ( A Mexican nun who died just 30 years ago is among the newest group of canonization and beatification causes to advance with the approval of Benedict XVI. At a meeting Monday with Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for Saints' Causes, the Pope approved the following decrees: ; Miracles attributed to the intercession of: -- Mariano Arciero, Italian diocesan priest (1707-1788). -- Jean-Joseph (born Alcide Lataste), French priest of the Order of Friars Preachers and founder of the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Dominic of Betania (1832-1869). -- María Inés Teresa del Santísimo Sacramento (born Manuela de Jesús Arias Espinosa), Mexican founder of the Poor Clare Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament and the Missionaries of …

Pope Sends First Tweet

Did you get the Pope's first Tweet?

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Talk about the media!

Using The Power of the Media

I'm sick of the media.  As I've blogged before on July 30, and September 232530, of this year, the media will say anything to sell its product.  My first inclination is to throw my apron off and retreat to the Cape and vegetate.  But on second thought, as attractive as that may be, I feel called to do battle.  I may still head down to the Cape, but not to retreat.  I'm fighting the modern, cultural spin, to what is the Truth.  I'll do my part to expose the misconstruction and throw light on what is true.

I wrote this last Nov, upon hearing that the Pope was condoning condoms...NOT!  Anyway, I just read Fr. Tim's blog, The Hermeneutic of Continuity, where the media turned the minds of the powers that be.

What am I talking about?

In the past, Vienna had these sacrilegious Masses.  Writing to Cardinal Schonborn had no appreciable affect.  Neither did writing to the Vatican.  Petitions didn't work, either.  It was Gloria TV blasting video clips on the internet th…

Dominican Province of St. Joseph | Miracle approved for Père Lataste Blog |

Dominican Province of St. Joseph | Miracle approved for Père Lataste Blog |

Yes, finally what we Dominicans have been praying for --  B16 has approved a miracle for Pere M. Jean-Joseph Lataste, O.P.  Pere Lataste is known for founding the Dominican Sisters of Bethany.  We who follow his spirituality are excited.

 It is a spirituality that is understood in the context of redemption, particularly through Jesus Christ, in the death He suffered after being taken prisoner from the Garden of Gethsemane. It is a spirituality that directs preaching to challenging situations of despair, into offering hope through redemption. Here is where the Word of God is to be announced, especially to the prisons, where our Messiah was sent "to proclaim liberty to prisoners." (Luke 3:18)
Something I wrote for Facebook.


Kindness is something I continually work on.  I really don't think that I'm an unkind person; it's just that I'm not focused on others.  I don't notice the name tag on the cashier.  I don't see that you're having difficulty doing something. I don't hear what your want.

I'm thinking of something else.

And that's not necessarily thinking of myself.  I may be trying to think of ways to help someone.

Maybe I'm rationalizing.  Anyway, I struggle with this.

This morning I witnessed kindness personified.  I observed a cashier say something nice to every single person he encountered.  At first, I thought that the person he was "chit chatting" with was a friend.  But he carried on a constant patter with everyone.  Also, I observed his customers' reactions.  Everyone he met came away smiling.

Even me.

Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.  Matt. 25:34-6,40

My Prayer for Young People

This post is what I sent in response to  Meghan Wenger's request for stories.  (See my post on June 14, 2011.) She is going to be a junior at Boston College.  She is working on a book project and looking for examples and reasons for young people to be Catholic.  It's not too late for you to help her out, also.  She'd like your story by July 1st, 2011.  Send it to 
      I was in front of the altar pronouncing my wedding vows, and privately promising God that I would use this vocation of marriage as a means to save my soul, and take my husband, and any future children, along with me.  This Catholic ceremony was very important to me.  I wanted the sacramental grace that only the Catholic Church can give.  Sure I can get married by the Town Clerk and have a piece of paper that says I’m married legally.  Sure I can stand in front of a justice of the peace, and my husband and I can make personal commitments to God.  And sure, we could have just lived t…


Heads up!
   Magnificat has published the New Missal.

There's the Roman Missal for Mass,
                 Chapel Edition,        
                 Pew Cards,
                 and the Magnificat Companion for people like me who like to use the monthly magazine Magnificat.

They'll be out in October. Order them now.

A Catholic Eucharistic Flash Mob


A Eucharistic flash mob in the centre of Preston, organised by the Capuchin Franciscans on Ascension Thursday 2011.

New Vatican Website

A new Website enhances the Vatican on the net

BOOKS AND TECNOLOGY At the end of June a new Website will add to the information available about the Holy SeeVATICAN INSIDER STAFFVATICAN CITY

A Catholic Priest Needs Your Help NOW

A Catholic Priest Needs Your Help Right Now!

"My dear friends, be aware of the great gift that priests represent for the Church and the world. Through their ministry the Lord continues to save mankind, to make Himself present, to sanctify. Give thanks to God and above all remain close to your priests with prayer and support, especially in moments of difficulty". May 5th, 2010 General Audience
We provide life-saving care for thousands of priests experiencing difficulties. Please join us as a partner in mission today. Opus Bono Sacerdotii is a Catholic charity that in partnership with our benefactors, assist bishops, religious superiors, and Vatican officials in finding solutions for the proper care and treatment of priests who are experiencing difficulties. In the past nine years since our founding we have been contacted by thousands of priests and many bishops, including the Holy See.      I would like to ask you to consider helping us as a partner in missionwith a donation, so t…

Au Revoir Not Adieu

This is the entire post from a Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Corpus Christi 1983-1997 explaining Fr. John Corapi's announcement.  See my post from June 17th, where I posted my thoughts on Corapi's posting.  I was shocked to read other bloggers' comments.  It seemed that they read that Fr. John was quitting the priesthood.  He was leaving in a snit.  Whatever it they were reading had a negative connotation.

Was I reading the same thing they were?  I was doubting my sanity, until I read ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT/ DEEP CALLS TO DEEP   Yes, this explanation follows along the my line of thinking.

Great Pyrenees Sheep Dog Guarding the Flock FIRST OF ALL LET ME ESTABLISH THAT I HAVE NOT SPOKEN WITH FATHER CORAPI. The fact that he has chosen the nom de plume of The Black Sheep Dog is revealing:  he cares for the flock of sheep he has been ministering to all these years, sheep that he well knows are of the Lord’s flock, not his. As a suspended priest he cannot function publicly as a …

The Mystery of the Trinity

Image via Wikipedia Trinity Sunday is my feast day.  My religious name is Sister Faith in the Blessed Trinity.  I love that name because people use it all the time, every time they pray, "In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

Non-believers may ask, "I thought you believers believed in one God?"  "We do."

Of course, this line of thought leads to an explanation of the Trinity.  No explanation can do justice to the reality of God being three unique Persons, and at the same time One Person.  One can try to explain the Trinity by referencing the Bible, but the word, Trinity, as such, is not mentioned in the Bible.  There is no verse that says "God is a Trinity."  But this doesn't prove anything.  There are many words and phrases that Christians use, which are not found in the Bible.  The word "Bible" is not found in the Bible.  But the term "Holy Trinity," has been used for centuries by Christians t…


Fatherhood isn't always as it is portrayed in a Hallmark Card.  Some of us had less than perfect Dads.  But at no time, did I ever doubt his love for me.

If the dead are not raised, what about those who have themselves baptized on behalf of the dead?  If the raising of the dead is not a reality, why be baptized on their behalf?   From the first letter of the apostle Paul to the Corinthians

Lux perpetua luceat ei, Domine.  Requiescat in pace.

Sex and Vocation are Incompatible.

Iphone has a Confession App.  I wanted to use it in Confession, today.  It is recommended.  Really.  You can take it in with you for your notes and you can choose several different Acts of Contrition.

For your personal examination of conscience the App asks certain questions, e.g., age, sex, and vocation.  Well my examination of conscience was just the Ten Commandments list.  OK.

But tonight I wondered if I put down a different vocation, would they give me a more spiritual examination of conscience.

LOL!  I put my correct, name, sex, and age, but when it asked for vocation I put in priest.  You know what the iPhone said?  "INVALID SELECTION Sex and Vocation are incompatible."

After laughing, I changed my sex to male and put in priest.  Ah, the examination of conscience, is much more thorough.  I'm using the priest's examination of conscience for now on.

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I'm not blogging today.  I just went to confession.

Good Bye Father Corapi

I understand.  If you can't do your work under certain conditions, you move on, like St. Paul.  Tonight, I read where Fr. Corapi  saw where the story was leading, and he changed his plans, his route, and has stopped before he was thrown under the bus.

You know the expression, "you can't fight city hall."  Well, you can; it's the church you can't fight, because you can't win.  The way the process works now, it's stacked against accused priests.  A priest is assumed guilty immediately, until proven otherwise.  Crazy?  You bet!

But that's the way it is.  So the priest can't work while his case is being investigated.  Meanwhile, it may never come to a conclusion.  The poor priest is left hanging...hanging....hanging.......

No use batting your head against the wall.  It is what it is.

So to continue doing God's work, Fr. Corapi will not be preaching as a priest, anymore.  His ministry will be different, but continue through writing and other m…


The USCCB has agreed to look into and prepare a document on preaching.  The target date is November 2012.  The paper will look into homilies, specifically.  It sounds like a lively debate ensued over whether or not homilies should include catechesis.  Some say, (and I've been told myself) that homilies are not the place for adult catechesis.  But today's Catholics are so poorly formed in the truths of their Faith, where else will they hear it?  The homily is the only shot some get.

I have a friend who told me that years ago he and his wife would go to have an abortion on Saturday, and go to Mass afterwards, because they didn't know it was wrong.  They received First Eucharist and Confirmation together, so their religion formation ended at age 8.  They never heard the word "abortion" in a homily.

Come to think of it, I've rarely heard the word mention.  I don't think I've ever had a homily on any of the hot buttons that Catholic should be concerned wit…

Statement of Interpretation

Image via Wikipedia When a U.N. political declaration on AIDS/HIV passed unanimously last Friday, Jane Adolphe, speaking for Archbishop Francis Chullikatt said that the human person is better than the U.N. thinks he is.  The U.N. thinks that man acts on his "whims."  Jane Adolphe, an associate professor of law, said that man is more capable and has more dignity than the U.N. gives him credit for.  Abstinence is 100% effective.  Fidelity in marriage is 100% effective.  What other statistics do you need?

Today's culture is promiscuous.  And instead of working to change this irresponsible and dangerous behavior, the U.N. accepts it.  How low can we go?  Are human beings no better than dogs?

"Policies, programs and political statements are without meaning if we do not recognize the human dimension of this disease in the men, women and children who are living with and affected by HIV and AIDS," he said.
The archbishop promoted again "the only universally effectiv…