Prayer to Get A Job Answers

When I look at my "stats," I check to see what "posts" are popular.  I always see that people have looked at, and stayed on, "Prayer to Get a Job."  I'm always moved by this, and pray for them.

Prayer is the first thing people should do, before anything.  It's so simple.  Even if someone didn't believe in God, they need to sit quietly and reflect.  No, God isn't going to do the employment search for you, but you need to touch base with Him.  This quiet time will help to keep things in perspective.

I've been praying for a way to help people.  The answer has come from my own family and friends.  My daughter uses a "head hunter."  "Head Hunters" are employment agencies.  They place you in companies looking for employees.  These were all temporary positions.  Two of them turned into full time job offers.

A friend's daughter got a job through Linkedin; and she wasn't looking for a new job.  Linkedin is a business Facebook.  People with the same job skills network with each other.  Someone needed her skills, and contacted her.  And that's the way Linkedin is supposed to work.

My last suggestion is Jooble.  Jooble is where you find jobs in the USA.  You'll see their ad on my right hand margin.  Click on the rabbit and see how it works.  What have you got to lose?


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