Blaming God when the Bad Happens

People often question God's reasons for whatever misfortune happens to fall. I guess that's a very human response. Our first reaction is to blame somebody. "Who did this?" is a common question. So it's easy to blame God, He's in charge. He?

Well, yes and no. I'm not a theologian, or a philosopher, or even a deep thinker. I'm just a simple, old lady fingering her Rosary beads. But I think until I get an answer that satisfies my own questions. And how I see the answer to "why God allows bad things to happen to good people," is because we're in charge of our world.

Remember, we chose to not follow God's rules in the Garden of Eden. We're not living in the Garden anymore. God gave man (us) dominion over this world. We're in charge, meaning we are suppose to help each other, solve our own problems, and take care of our world.

Psalm 115: 16

The heavens belong to the Lord
but the earth He has given to men.

God doesn't allow bad things to happen. We're not living in the Garden of Eden. God made us to use the earth and master it.

Lord have mercy on us.


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