Anton Bruckner's Te Deum Laudamus

Pope Benedict XVI praised Anton Bruckner's 9th Symphony and his "Te Deum," interpreted by the Bavarian State Orchestra and the Audi Youth Choir Academy, conducted by Kent Nagano and Martin Steidler, after attending a concert.

B16 continued praising Anton Bruckner: "Bruckner asked this beloved God to let him enter his mystery, let him praise the Lord in heaven as he had on earth with his music. 'Te Deum laudamus, Te Dominum confitemur'; this great work we have just heard--written at one sitting then reworked over 15 years as if reconsidering how better to thank and praise God -- sums up the faith of this great musician."

The Pope also said that this music gives people hope and brings light and faith into our own lives. This video is not the interpretation of Anton Bruckner that the Pope was listening to. But it's as close as I could find on You Tube. There was no description just the title Anton Bruckner Barenboim 1 Te Deum.


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