30 Second Rule

Something funny happened after the Consecration of the Hosts. Father didn't notice that the sleeve of his vestment knocked one of the Hosts onto the floor.

In my parish, the EMHC, the Lectors, the altar servers, all gather around the altar to receive. So we all saw what happened. Everyone looked at each other and smiled sheepishly, not sure what to do. Then Father turned and walked to the Tabernacle to get more consecrated hosts. Frank stepped forward, picked up the Host, and placed it on the altar, next to the ciborium.

Father comes back. He sees the lone Host. He just picks it up and tosses in amongst all the others.

All our eyes popped open wider.

We looked at each other.

Frank in an Irish whisper quips, "30 second rule!" *

* 30 Second Rule


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