Fourth Day of the Novena

 St. Dominic's Love for Our Lady

Behold thy Mother.  (John xiv 27)

St. Dominic's devotion to Mary grew with him from his childhood.  He chose her to be his Mother, and under her protection he placed all his works.  For her he did all, knowing that this was the best way to do all for Jesus. Her Ave was ever on his lips before he preached.  Together with the name of Jesus, he ever proclaimed the glory of His Mother.  The same spirit he bequeathed to his followers so long known as the Friars of Mary.  And she, in her turn, was always mindful of St. Dominic, whom she lovingly called her son.  As a pledge of her gracious favor, she gave to his dear Reginald the white scapular of his Order.  To himself she gave the Rosary, the sweetest devotion to our dear Mother.  One night as he prayed, a comforting vision was granted to him, as he beheld a great number of his children in heaven, even under the mantle of the Queen.  And when about to close his eyes in death, our Lady made him a consoling promise that all who persevered in his order would be saved.  "The mother of his God had come to him," and we, his children still receive her visits, for in the beads, which St. Dominic left us we are able to continue his love for her.


The love of Mary is natural to all who believe in her Divine Son.  Our faith in Jesus made man is the root, the explanation, and the vindication of our love for our Blessed Lady.  We all look up to her, the foundations of whose sanctity are laid on the summit of the holy mountains; but how many allow their devotion to end here?  Do we, who ought to be the imitators of St. Dominic try to copy his example in loving Mary?  Do we take her for our model?  Do we endeavor, like St. Dominic, to study the lessons which she teaches us, and do we ask of her the grace to follow them in our lives?  If our devotion to Mary go no further than praise; if we do not strive to produce in our lives the virtues which she practiced, we shall not offer to her the fullness of homage which she desires.  Love and imitation!  Let these be our watchwords in devotion to her who is Queen of the Rosary, and let her beads be our dearest companion.  Let us ever remember that to do all for Mary is the safest way to Jesus.


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