My Prayer for Memorial Day

Again, I thank God I'm Catholic.  I love our respect for the dead, and the love we Catholics have for the Mother of God.  Here is my Catholic prayer for today, Memorial Day:

Mary, as Mother of God, I ask you to intercede for those who have died serving their country.  Bring to your Son, my prayers that they may enjoy the fullness of heaven.  I honor with respect these men and women who have died serving in wars, terrorist attacks, peace keeping missions, and other works keeping my country secure.
     Eternal memory be granted to these servants of God.  Forgive them their sins, have mercy on them and bring then into Your loving presence.  Amen

As a Catholic, I've been taught the connection between that lifeless corpse decaying in the ground and the fullness of life that soul has been given, through Jesus' Redemption.  Thank You, Jesus!  Deo Gratias!  Thank God, I'm Catholic!


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