I've got that Nagging Feeling

Master General of the Dominican Order
in prayer
Since I've been praying like a pirate, I read with interest the Zenit article reflecting on "humanity's innate religious sense."  Pope Benedict urges us to spend more time in prayer, which he said was an expression of man's profound need for meaning.

B16 said if we listen in silence God will reveal Himself.  We will learn to recognize His voice and open ourselves up to a relationship with Jesus.  The Holy Father explained that man is as much a "homo religiosus," as he is "homo sapiens" and "homo faber."

I liked the part when the Pope said that prayer is a mindset, not words.  It's a way of being before God, rather than worship.  That's different.

Interestingly, the Holy Father agrees with me, that it is difficult to pray.  It can be a challenge for anyone, especially during different periods of one's life.  But it is a grace for everyone, to seek.

Pope Benedict mentioned the gesture of kneeling.  He called it a "dynamic of prayer."  It is a position of supplication, like a man asking a woman to marry him.  It's a typical expression of one seeking.

What are we seeking?  What everyone seeks -- love, relationship, a feeling of worthiness.

But I know some who would deny this "innate need for meaning."  Personally, I think they do feel that desire, but don't pay attention to it.  Like some who are sick and try to ignore it.  With grace they do seek help.

Let us pray.


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