St. Justin Martyr

St. Justin Martyr, once listed all the things he could think of that are shaped like a cross--mast of a ship, plows, anchors, flying birds.  I could do that also.  I see crosses everywhere.

I first noticed this after a church meeting.  The meeting was unmemorable.  But at that meeting, I had a very memorable conversation with a lady.  She was helpful to me in a spiritual direction way.  You do know that the Holy Spirit is the best spiritual director, don't you?

Anyway, on the way home my headlights hit a cross on the way home.  ????  Oh, that must be a mailbox post--I'll look at it tomorrow in the daylight.  Then further down the road, someone's back porch light was on a cross.  What is that?  "Dunno."  And finally, at the intersection before home, was the intersection cross sign.  How come I never noticed that that sign was a "cross," before?

In the light of day, I saw that indeed the cross on the side of the road was a mailbox post.  The porch light was shinning on a cross type post for a clothes line.

And every time I see that intersection cross sign I pray, "Thank you, Jesus for loving me."

And I still see crosses everywhere: window panes, car insignias, barrettes in girls' hair, bow ties, clouds, flowers, ceiling crack in my dentist's office, etc.

God's way of telling me that He is omnipresent.

h/t to Magnificat, Vol. 13, No.1, Fr. Michael Morris, O.P., "Pick up your cross," pp. iii-vi.


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