Cooperation NOT Compromise

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I get a kick out of some of the comments left on articles.  In an article from Russia beyond the headlines, is a headline story about Metropolitan Hilarion seeing areas where the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church need to cooperate.  He's not saying Uniatism, at all!  He's saying that the two churches need to cooperate and work together as allies.  Comprising is not in the picture.  Collaboration and Cooperation is the aim.

Together the two churches would be better able to combat the worldly challenges that both face:
erosion of the family, moral decay, liberal theology, terrorism, prejudice, and pressures from within our own religious frameworks.

Isn't this just common sense?

Well, some of the commentators find fault.  Some don't want cooperation.  But what interests me are the ones that are afraid that the Latin Church will seduce the Eastern Orthodox.

How come no one's afraid that the Eastern Orthodox will seduce the Romans?
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