Anti-Abortion doesn't necessarily mean Prolife

In reading the newsletter from the Lay Dominicans in the Western Province, Truth be Told, I read an article that jump started my brain into thinking.  Mar-April, Issue 15, Truth be Told, their Promoter of Peace, Justice, and the Care of Creation, Mr. John Keenan, OP, wrote “Are you Prolife or Are You Anti-Abortion,” p. 11.  It rang very true to me.  I see too many so called Pro-Life people who can’t see out of the womb. 
Mr. Keenan’s theme was a social justice concern to help the babies born in poverty, the services that special needs children require, and a general call for the quality of life after birth.  Here! Here!  I agree.  But Mr. Keenan didn’t mention my pet apostolate: capital punishment, and the preservation of human dignity to those in prison. 

Oh, that…….

Yeah.   If John Keenan was saddened by the lack of concern for the poor and hungry, he’d be devastated by the sentiments of the public toward prisoners.  According to some people, prisoners live in luxury hotels and nothing can convince them otherwise.  Capital punishment should be enforced to save the tax payers money; after all, an “eye for an eye.”  Actually, these sentiments are so ignorant of facts, and so blatantly an exhibition of bigotry, that they’re not even worthy to be considered.

Can’t people see how arbitrary the death penalty is performed?  Capital punishment is too selective and capricious to be just.  Compare the number of blacks to the number of whites, who are subjected to the death penalty.  Just look at the legal representation the poor receive.  If you have the money to pay a good lawyer, you're treated much better.  Capital punishment certainly isn’t a deterrent. 

If you’re prolife, you’re for all the issues that make life livable.  Choose life!

I’m going to end quoting the Keenan’s words:
… the taking of innocent life is universally wrong and violates fundamental justice.  It violate the natural law to which all human law is subject with no exception.  The Faithful that are prolife should be consistent in their own lives.  They should protect not only the innocent but stand up for the poor, the disenfranchised, and those who cannot speak for themselves. In other words, Christians must practice the Gospel.


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