Taking A Chance

There are many different things about the children’s book,  Second Chance, by Sandra Gerencher.  First is that it is children’s literature with adult techniques.  The second difference is that the book is written by a dog, Chance.  Of course, Gerencher wrote the book, but the view is the dog’s.  Another difference is that there are two stories here: the adopted boy’s, and the adopted dog’s. 

The story begins in the animal shelter where the Mom adopts a shelter dog, Chance.  There’s Chance’s second chance!  He’s brought home to three other dogs and a boy.  It turns out that they’re all adopted.  The boy, Ryan understands and explains whatever Chance wants to know.  It seems that Ryan is special because he can understand and talk to the dogs. He also is autistic and is considered special needs.  But Ryan is really special because of his ability to intuit feelings.  He can feel and understand the emotions, fears, and needs of those around him, and he tries to meet them.  It’s really a love story.  As Ryan explains, “Adoption means to be loved forever.”

The book itself is attractive.  The art work is a cross between watercolor and real pictures—very nice.  The story is true and on-going.  You can see the video trailer and purchase the book at http://www.tribute-books.com/shop.html#children6   A portion of all copies sold will benefit the humane society.  


Tribute Books said…
Faith - I always love your reviews because you always bring out the inherent heart of the book. I'm so glad that you enjoyed SECOND CHANCE and for taking the time to share it with the readers of The One True Faith.

You're right it is a love story about adoption!

Best wishes,
Tribute Books

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