Hate Factory

From my "cloistered brother" Tim.

Hate Factory

The cell door slams shut and I enter my sanctuary,
Prepare to preach the truth in the midst of this hate factory.

Some callings prove tough in the quest to love thy neighbor,
My faith and Dominic's legacy instill love within the labor.

Four pillars of life direct my every action,
Breaking through to stone hearts brings a positive reaction.

A walk through the prison yard can sometimes be lonely,
Only true depth of belief makes the steps truly holy.

Men gathered together in an environment so hidden,
Lift each other up and make struggles no burden.

We live and we love through the pain of the past,
Lending iron to our pledge and a profession to last.

The cell door slams shut and I enter my sanctuary,
Reflecting on the efforts in the midst of this love factory.

*Honorable Mention in the OPrize for Poetry
published in The Preacher Poets 2010, Poetry from the Sixth Annual OPrize for Poetry, Dominicus Books, Inc., 2010, p. 24.


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