Embarrassing Moment

I thought I was done with Christmas presents.  For some reason, this past Christmas season, I wasn't into presents.  I was into Christmas.  I sent more thoughtful cards.  I decorated more than I usually do.  I baked more and gave more gifts that were home made.  I even made some of my own Christmas cards.  And that's not even mentioning the religious aspect.  Reconciliation, Advent penances, creche, visit to shrines and other religious  themed customs to bump the season up a notch, or two.  I enjoyed this Christmas.

But I had a hard time with presents, e.i., poor hubby got underwear and socks.  It seems that everybody has everything.  I know that my kids will just exchange any clothes, jewelry, books, or music, that I give them.  So I gave them AAA memberships.

Then I had a slew of "under $25" presents to buy: Book Club, work, dinner group, hair dresser, manicurist, paperboy, mailman, neighbors, teachers, friends, etc.  And all that stuff is just junk.  I have shelves of hand lotion, body splash, candles, scarves, jewelry, gloves, etc.    I don't need any more of that stuff, and I hate to buy it for others because they probably feel the same way I do.

So today, I was bitch'n complaining much along this vein, to my friend, Ginny, when she threw a present in my lap, and said, "Here's another cheap under $ 25 gift."



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