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Sacred Heart Church, Cambridge, MA
On this last day of 2010, I went to a wake and Funeral Mass, for the mother of one of my brothers in Community.  I love my Lay Dominican Community.  And the outpouring of love and support is why.  The Funeral Home (Donovan-Aufiero Funeral Home) was crowded with my brothers, family, and friends.  After the priest led prayers in the parlor of the Funeral Home, he said he could feel and see the prayerful, and personal relationship that we all had with God.  It was kind of obvious.  We blew the priest over with EVERYBODY responding to the prayers.  Father said it was usually just himself and Mr. Aufiero praying, while everyone else listened.  Whereas, not only did we know what to respond, we did respond--a la Our Lady of Mercy Chapter style!

As you can see, Sacred Heart Church, Cambridge, MA is beautiful.  It's really head turning beautiful inside.  I walked in with the crowd and when I saw the altar from the entrance, I was awed.  I spontaneously whispered (Irish whisper--couldn't help it), "Wow...it's so beautiful."  The man in front of me turned around and said, "Thank you."

YIKES!  It was the priest.  (Good thing I didn't say anything bad.)

But it was beautiful.  It sparkled.  It was still decorated for Christmas.  And everywhere there were little tiny Christmas lights--very tasteful.  The sanctuary had a lot of candles.  They were of different heights and lit.  I don't know if the church was just painted, but that's what I remembered about it -- the sparkling cleanliness.  I didn't see any water stains, or peeling paint.  And this is an old church, built 1874, so I'm sure it's a money pit.  Yet the parishioners must love it.  God bless them.

Father Tackney was a good match for my brother Gary and his family.  Again, Father said it was a pleasure to pray with us.  Father even let Spider sing, before his final blessing.  And Spider's song was perfect for the last sentiments of Gary's Mom's Rite of Christian Burial. Spider's lyrics and sentiments still ring in my heart.

May Marion be welcomed by Jesus.
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