Stress Coping Skills with Faith

In work today we had a Stress Management Class.  I didn't particularly learn anything, because I've been there before.  Heck!  I could teach the class.  I could teach a course.  I could write a book.  I'm referring to my Cronkhite Canada Syndrome, which is caused by stress.  But near the end, the facilitator asked us how we coped with stress.  Someone said they telephone their daughter, and another said she cooks.

No one said they meditate.  No one said they prayed.

No wonder they're stressed.  You can't do it alone.  You can't get through life by yourself.  Well, yeah, you can, but it won't be easy--not stress free.  We all need help.

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Stress Coping Skills with Faith

Take care of yourself.  If you're not strong you can't help anyone else, not even yourself.
Pray.  You've got to communicate with God, and that means listen.  Praying is mostly listening--yeah, read that again.  Prayer is mostly listening.  That's meditation.  Complain, bitch, whatever...God's a big boy; He can take it.  But then, listen to what He has to say.
Family comes first--after you and God.  If you screw up here, you have reason to be stressed.  What else matters?  Family life takes a lot of time.  What of it?  It's the most important time you'll ever spend.
Friends and other relationships are next, because people are important.  Be kind.  Treat others like you want them to treat your children.  Everyone is important.
Routine is necessary.  I think everyone needs the rhythm of a routine to feel balanced.  If you miss your morning daily Mass then the whole day seems off.  Keeping to a daily routine keeps peace and security.  When your routine is interrupted, everything seems in chaos.
Learn to say "NO."  You can't do it all.  It's humanly impossible to do a good job in more than one activity.  I know it's flattering to be asked to do something, or lead something, or help, or.....  "NO."   Say it again, "NO."
Take naps.  Yep, I said it, the un-heard of, at least in the USA.  Short power naps for 20 minutes will give you more energy, make you more alert, and look prettier too.  Yeah, I said "prettier," because you won't have that tied, drawn, sallow skin of a stressed-out zombie.

You can't be human and have no stress.  But it's not worth it, to let it control your life.  Stay on top of it with my hard earned "Stress Coping Skills."  Trust me.


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