My Contention

This morning's homily's  was "responsibility."  It inspired me.  I agree with Father that "owning" up to what one did wrong is not one of society's strong points.  Since I'm in prison ministry, I think this is important.  Some people pay very dearly for their mistakes.

But the theme got me to thinking.

Both Adam and Eve did not "own up" to their sin.  They tried to put the blame on someone else.  But I have always thought that Eve was a victim in this scenario, and Adam was more culpable.  In the first place, Eve was tempted by a master.  She could not have out reasoned Satan. She was tricked.  Whereas, Adam was afraid that Eve was going to get ahead of him and so ate.  And, Eve thought she had eaten something good and was generously going to share it.  I don't read that she maliciously planned to seduce Adam.

Besides, Adam was placed in charge of this earthly dominion.  The responsibility was his.

They must have had a bum lawyer represent them.  Their sentence is way too severe.


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