Can You Spare $ 10

A local kid has been working out in California putting a documentary together for kids living on the streets. He's trying to get this movie going but needs some help -- $ 10.

If everyone who reads this post donates just $10, it can be done.  Be part of this movement to help our homeless youth. Below is a letter explaining more.

Right now there are almost 2 million kids living on the streets of America and every day, 13 of them will die.  Yes, this is the truth about what is happening in our country.

While the statistics are staggering, what's more shocking is the number of Americans that are unaware of this crisis.

Hi, my name is Michael Leoni and for the last year and a half, my team at An 11:11 Experiment, and I, have been making Spare Some Change, a documentary that exposes the truth about the lives of American's homeless youth.  We could not stand by and just allow this tragedy to continue.  Over the last 18 months, we have met hundreds of kids and heard thousands of stories that will hammer you to your core and make you wonder if this really can be happening on our streets.

Spare Some Change is almost at the finish line and with your help we can get all the way there.  There can be no change without awareness and together, we can make a difference.

As some of you may know, HBO Films recently approached us about Spare Some Change.  Initially, we were very excited as we felt that this could be an amazing opportunity for the film and the kids.  However, their intention was to purchase Spare Some Change and lock it in the vault while utilizing our resources to make their own film.  We politely declined, as the trust we built with the kids, their well-being, and the message of this film, are too important for us to compromise.  HBO is now filming on the streets where we shot, using the same kids as some of their subjects.  However, the kids believe that Spare Some Change is the movie that's going to change the world.

Now, more than ever, I'm asking everyone that I can reach, to contribute in any way possible.  If everyone who receives this letter donates at least $ 10, we will reach our goal.  Please join my team and me in a Worldwide Fund-raising Campaign to complete this powerful, eye-opening and inspirational film.

Our goal is to raise $ 40,000 to complete filming and post-production.  With your support, we will be able to share the message of Spare Some Change with the world.

All of the funds raised to date have been tax-deductible donations and have ranged from $5 - $ 10,000, proving that every single dollar counts.

Please watch the trailers and meet the kids.  If you would like to make a charitable (tax-deductible) contribution to help complete this film, go and click "Donate" now.

Help spread the word.  Send you friends and family to the website and Facebook page and pass this letter around to everyone you know.  The more people that know about this, the more change can be created.

Go to : and become a fan and a friend of Spare Some Change.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

With tons of gratitude,
Michael Leoni & the Team at AN 11:11 Experiment
Michelle Kaufer
Erica Katzin


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