Aha Experience

Christmas has come.  I've had an epiphany!  I went to Spiritual  Direction tonight and it was a gift--a surprise gift.  Unbeknown to my Director, he let slip something I didn't know.  I'm sure he thought I knew because it was in casual conversation--not like he was letting me in on a secret.

We were talking about my "cloistered brothers," the way the Holy Spirit moves, mutual friends, relapses, etc.  Just shooting the breeze.  And in among the chit chat was a fact that I didn't know, but it definitely enlightened my understanding.   I didn't stop him and say, "What...what....what did you say?"  I just breathed it in and assimilated the implications.  Everything fell into place.

Of course, that's why.                 Now I get it.

                  What am I talking about?

Sorry, can't tell you.     Seal of Confession!            But God is good--all the time!


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