One of my "cloistered brothers" got lugged and thrown in the hole.  I'm asking your prayers that he stay strong and emerge intact, and even stronger spiritually and physically.
       He's there because he blew the whistle on a Sex for Information Ring run by some bum correctional officers.  The official reason being given is that my brother is there for protection during investigations.
       Solitary Watch, an organization that publicizes confinement in solitary, has noted the situation.  Solitary Watch is a good source of information for those of us interested in rehabilitation and humane treatment of prisoners.  Read about them here. 
The situation is a sad commentary.  Prayers are requested for my cloistered brother, and also that some positive changes may be made in the prison system.
Remember what I posted last Sunday.  The only person ever promised that he was going to heaven when he died, was the condemned prisoner, crucified next to Jesus.


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