Blessed in Confession

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is always a blessing.  But this past weekend, I was especially blessed by going to Confession.  I was at a meeting at St. Pat's.

I've been to this particular Church numerous times because they have Eucharistic Adoration, 24/7.  I've also been to Confession there because I like the Jesuit Confessor.  Since I was at St. Pat's for my meeting, and it ended just as Confessions were being heard, I thought I'd take the opportunity to receive this Sacrament.

I try to be last, so that I'd get a little more spiritual advice than usual.  I just tell Father that I'm the last one and we can talk for a little while longer.  That's also why I prefer to go to Confession face to face.

So, there I am walking into the room and I walk around the screen to sit down in front of Father, when I am taken aback.  Father was startled also.  We knew each other.  Father even called me by name.  (And actually, if I knew Father David Goodrow was the Confessor, I wouldn't have gone to him--I'd rather go to someone I don't know.)  But it was OK.  It was better than OK.  Because Father knew me, we could dialogue without too much explanation because he know whereof and whatof, I spoke.

Good is good.  He meets my needs. (Philippians 4: 19)

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