Choose Life

Dear Friends,

Please pray for at least a good end for Teresa Lewis who is to be executed by the Commonwealth of Virginia at 8:30 PM, Thursday, September 23, for the murder of her husband Julain Lewis and stepson C.J. Lewis.  Statements as to why clemency was requested are at < > and < >, detailed description of the crime and circumstances, if of interest, at < >.  In any case, please pray for the repose of her soul, her convicted co-conspirators Matthew J. Shallenberger and Rodney L. Fuller, and the victims.


fr Dismas OP said…
Will remember her in my prayers today! God have mercy on her and us all.
Faith said…
BTW, that picture is not Teresa. It belongs to Sister Helen Prejean, who I met Friday night. And when Sister signed my book, Dead Man Walking, she wrote "Choose Life," hence the title of my post.

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