In case your wondering what happened to my posting Catholics Come Home, I deleted it.  I  linked to the Catholics Come Home site and was talking about how great it was.  It would be a great follow up to the program, Arise Together in Christ, that my parish has undertaken.

The trouble was that I couldn't embed the video on the Catholics Come Home page.  So I went to You Tube, and searched for Catholic Come Home videos.  The problem was, the one I chose, which I thought was the one that had Tom Peterson introducing Catholic Come Home, was an anti-Catholic video.

I can't see CCH giving authorization to this guy, to use for his purposes. When I listened to his talk, Bill is up front saying he's an ex-Catholic.  I thought that was perfect.  He's going to explain how he came home.  Only, he doesn't.  He claims that the Catholic Church is spiritually abusing its people.  I couldn't believe my ears.  This was Catholic Come Home, wasn't it.

No it wasn't. It's Bill's screed on the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  Bill's interpretation of scripture is curious.        Strange theology.  His conclusion of course is that Catholics are wrong and he's right.

Good luck, with that Bill.

But using Catholic Come Home's logo is against copy right rules, isn't it?  Sorry if I upset anyone.


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