Comparing God with Ourselves

I'm reading Summa Theologica, again.  I'm still in Part 1 and will probably be there for the rest of my life.  I'm particularly focusing on what AQ says about the Trinity.  (Yes, I'm still working on that Formation Module.)  I got a little sidetracked (And you thought web surfing was bad.)  and got involved in reading about the relationship between God and ourselves.  And you know what?  We ain't so hot.

God                                                       Humans
Free                                              All kinds of hang ups
Complete                                      Still growing and learning
Omnipotent                                   Have various degrees of helplessness
Omnipresent                                  Live moment to moment
Omniscent                                     Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest
Infinite                                           Finite
Lives in perfect love                       Only occasionally

That’s enough.  The list is depressing/awesome/amazing/fearsome/ and in the least, impressive.  The only thing I can add is that I’m omnivorous, and God’s not. ;-)

Well, I come to the same conclusion as AQ, thinking about God tells me more about me, than about God.  But I am a “chip off the old block,” or “an apple off the same tree.”  God must love us very much to even bother with us, never mind send His Son to save us.   


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