What a Difference A Day Makes

Memorial Day weekend was a weekend from hell. It started with rushing around throwing anything that wasn't nailed down, into the car, to be brought down the Cape. The mail came, hubby's Father's Day present wasn't there, but my Franican Rosary was. I really didn't have time to look at it enough to appreciate it, but I did open it and was impressed.

Finally, the cat was hiding. The damn cat slept in her carrier all week. Now that she should be in the carrier, she wasn't. Of course, she won't come when you call. I tried shaking her food. I squeaked her toys. I opened the refrigerator and opened the package from the deli. (That always works. The deli packaging has a distinctive sound when opening.)

So I was off. Since I was leaving at 9:00 PM, there was no traffic. I gave thanks to God all the way over the Bourne Bridge.

Hubby and I took separate vehicles since his truck was stuffed with boat and fishing stuff; there wasn't any room for me and a cat. But we arrived at just about the same time.

The minute I walked into the cottage, I was hit with a wall of damp mustiness. Ugh. Unused summer cottage smell. But this time my throat closed, my nose filled, my eyes itched and watered, and I started coughing. I couldn't breathe. Instant head ache! I could barely breathe. Dick had to unpack the cars while I tried to nebulize. He also put a dehumidifier in our bedroom. We also discussed my going home if I didn't stop coughing. I decided that if I couldn't sleep, I'd go hope. So I took a cocktail of allergy pills, and tylenol PM and went to bed.

I did sleep, but woke up with a head as heavy as cement. I was still coughing but not as bad as before. I didn't make it to the daily Rosary and Mass and that always sets the tone of the day. Bummer.

During the day, son and new girlfriend came to visit. Also daughter and husband came. We all cleaned house a bit and played pool. Something was wrong with the pool table because all the balls kept clustering in the middle. Time to go to the beach.

It was a little too windy and cool for the beach, but if you lay flat, it was nice. You felt the hot sun on your body and the cool breeze cooled you off. My cough was better. It was so n..i...c...e..z..z..z..z..z...z.

When I woke up, I was laying on my side. I had a sunburned neck and ear. And I couldn't get up. My back hurt. Great. Watery, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, hacking cough, head ache, back ache and a sunburnt neck. See, I knew it was going to be a bad day, when I missed Mass.

After supper, I set up my lap top but couldn't get the internet. I freaked! I have a newsletter to get out by the first! I telephoned Verizon, but since they're in India, they don't know that Memorial Day Weekend is a holiday, and don't know why my local office won't respond. See, what happens when I miss Mass. Luckily Omega is very competent and was able to proof and send out the newsletter, by herself.

The next day was Sunday and I did go to Mass. And I raged at God. He told me to cool it.

What could I do? I cooled it; I had no choice. I enjoyed the family time, but gradually everyone went home.

Monday, I went to a Memorial Day Mass. It was going to be a good day. I planted flowers in the window boxes. Hubby was sanding and painting. But suddenly he came to me pointing to his eye.

I was alarmed. His right eye looked so small and red. It was watery and looked so sore. Dick thought he got Rustoleum in it. The can said to seek medical attention immediately if any eye contact occurred. So there we are sitting in the Emergency Room of Falmouth Hospital. They keep good records there. They have our whole family history. There was a time when my kids got swimmers' ear, every summer. Cheryl got bit by a dog. Karen sprained her ankle. Mark got stung by a jelly fish.

The emergency room doctor didn't think Dick got any paint in his eye. He thought it was an allergic reaction to pollen, or the haze that engulfed the Cape (Forest fire from Canada were causing a smoky haze.)How can you have an allergic reaction, in just one eye?

Anyway, hubby was given some ointment and we went home, packed, and really went home--to civilization--and the internet. The first thing I did was write a thank you to Brother Vito for the Rosary. The second thing I did was download eLumen--Omega came through. Well done. Praise God!

Today, was a new day. I went to work. I also went to the doctor's and was given a new inhaler and some IC Iophen. My headache is gone. My cough has quieted. I can breathe. My back is better. My sunburn is gone. And hubby's eye is much improved. God is good. All the time.


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