Temple of the Holy Spirit

What I love about T.O.P.S. is that it's not a diet.  Some of us do.  Some belong to diet clubs like weight watchers, Jennie Craig.  Some have had weight loss surgery.  But we all support each other.  T.O.P.S. doesn't endorse any one diet.  If anything, they promote the exchange program, i.e., exchange a high trans fat food for something less.  We aim to be healthy and more active.

This weekend I met a lady who lost 100 pounds.  It took her 35 years!!!  It takes persistence and most people give up because the pounds aren't dropping off fast enough.  But if you lost 1/4 of a pound in a week, you'd have lost 13 pounds in a year.  We think that's excellent.  It's small changes that change your life style.  And that's the problem with dieting.  When you go off the diet, you gain the weight back.  You have to change your life patterns.  This takes time. 

Small ideas such as:
  • choose fruit instead of juice
  • choose fish packed in water
  • lower the fat in your cottage cheese
  • cut back on your portions of starch--rice, pasta
  • eat several small meals instead of three large ones
  • park father away from your destination

A few small changes to add to your life--like a 1/4 of a pound a week.  Take care of yourself.

One fun and educational help is an interactive activity to help you plan your daily meals.  Too many of us overlook the benefits of including enough fruits and vegetables in our meal plans.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently revamped their "5-a-Day" program with more personalized advice.  Look at their website.

This picture is my T.O.P.S. group.  We are eating sensibly, nutritiously, and enjoying each other's company.


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