The Shroud

Tonight I went to a Talk by Dr. Gilbert Lavoie on the Shroud.  He's promoting his new book, Unlocking the secrets of the Shroud.    Those that have read it, say it's very interesting.  And his talk was interesting.  I guess I believe that the Shroud of Turin is Jesus' Shroud.  Why not?  I'm not even taking into account any of the scientific evidence Dr. Lavoie spoke about.  Like my brother, Charlie said, "I have shirts that don't last two  years.  How come this material has lasted centuries, through traveling, handling, fires, heat, and cold?"

Something else I found interesting was the famous Icon not made by hands.  I saw that in the Russian Museum of Icons, in Clinton, MA.  That story reminded me of the Shroud.   King Abgar of Edessa heard of Jesus and wished to know more about him.  So he sent an artist to find Jesus and draw a picture of him.  The man found Jesus and was drawing, when Jesus came over to him and asked what he was doing.  When Jesus heard that he was being drawn, Jesus took a cloth and wiped his face.  The cloth had Jesus' image.  It is said that that Icon has the same face as the Shroud.  Very interesting


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