The Pelvic Trinity

I'm still thinking, researching, and praying about and to, the Trinity. And this morning I've come across fellow blogger's Eric Sammons' site, The Divine Life. I'd like to give him a hat tip. His posting was my meditation this morning. Eric sets the scene by talking about my patron saint for this year, St. Nicholas. It's a cute story about jolly ole St. Nick punching Arius in the nose. :-0

This is how emotions flared over religion and politics. Well, you know, or can imagine. Eric segues into today's heresies, which he names as the Pelvic Trinity: abortion, contraception, and homosexuality. Eric says, "This unholy trinity of issues are of course interrelated and they all revolve around our “right” to engage in sexual activities with no consequences. But these issues go even deeper, as they touch whether we have the right to define morality as we see fit, or if there is One above us who makes those determinations. Ultimately, it comes down to the question of who is in charge: us or God."

The poster child of this line of thought is disgraced Catholic priest Fr. Alberto Cutié, who left the Catholic Church to become Episcopal after being caught with his mistress last year, has adapted his own views on sexuality to be more in line with his new ecclesial communion. He was recently ordained an Episcopal priest and now he is admitting that he had struggles with the Catholic Church’s position on the pelvic trinity."

I wish St. Nicholas were around now.


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