Defining the Trinity

My "cloistered brother", Duff, and I are writing an adult formation module on the Trinity. Where do we get the chutzpah to do this? We figure it this way. We're writing something people can read, will want to read, and should read. There are plenty of books written on the Trinity, written by theologians. How many have you read? See; I rest my case.

We've made a tentative outline to propose our subject.

Defining the Trinity:
*Where does the word "Trinity" come from (History)?
*The first known existence of a family/community -
*How can we understand the Trinity?
*Who are the members of the Trinity?

Understanding the roles of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit:
*What is the role of God the Father?
*What is the role of God the Son?
*What is the role of God the Holy Spirit?

How does the Father, Son and Holy Spirit function as One?

How can we apply the understanding of the Trinity to the life of the Lay Dominican?
*Dominican Spirituality
*Modern times/culture

How can we present the Mystery of the Holy Spirit to other faiths, who do not believe in the Trinity?

What do you think? Any suggestions?

Some are called to teach. We are all called to preach.


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