Tonight I went to the Confirmation Mass of  8 men.  It was wicked awesome.  The celebrant was Cardinal Sean O'Malley OFM Cap.

The music was charismatic: Enter the Journey, La Paz & Cordero De Dios, Espiritu de Dios, This is Holy Ground, Alabare, and Marty Haugen acclamations.  It was provided by a combination of the Instruments of Peace, Echoes of Truth and the Spanish Catholic Choir, and the Vietnamese Choir.  The Mass was tri-lingual: English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.    And after the Mass was a liturgical dance.  Very nice.

There was quite a few people there, like it was a Christmas or Easter.  The atmosphere was celebratory.  Cardinal Sean was good.  He told of his first assignment as a priest--chaplain to a prison.  To encourage the men he told of "Great Escapes" from prisons.  Later, eight prisoners tried to escape!

After the Confirmation, there was a collation.  I started to eat my second cookie, when I remembered that I hadn't eaten any supper.  It was waiting for me at home.

I put back the second cookie.


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